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I need help creating a thesis and an outline on Action Research- The starting point speech. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Action Research- Starting Point of Research of Action Research- Starting Point of Research

During the time when I was researching a number of activities to help my pupils for learning English language at the beginning of this semester, I came up with the inquiry method. I asked my pupils their reasons behind learning English. There were different types of answers that I received during the inquiry session but the most interesting answer that I received was that learning English is important so that I can become rich. I almost got stunned as to why someone would actually consider English language learning as a way to become rich. On discussion with the same student, I got to know that people consider English important for getting a decent job which will help them gain wealth in return.

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Action Research-
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This almost astonished me and led me to research the significance of learning English with respect to the impact of pupil’s interest and overall learning achievement. This helped me a great deal in initiating my starting point of research. For the purpose of understanding the impact of pupil’s interest in learning English language on overall learning achievement, I would categorize pupil into groups i.e. intensified interest in which students will be listed who claimed that learning English is very much important for them. The second group will include students who claim that learning English is to understand information in English whenever needed. This will help me understand the students who have more or less interest in learning English (Altrichter).

I will also conduct a survey from both the groups before and after undertaking complete activities and tests as per the curriculum. In this way I will be able to measure the learning by evaluation undertaken so far throughout the semester. Also, to note is the fact that there have been a number of researches which have evaluated the learning patterns of non-speaker individuals in English courses but the aspect has been relatively touched to a shallow extent. It is for this reason that my research will help understanding the student’s self-implied approach to learn English language (Altrichter).

As a starting point to the research, I will be taking a closer look at the databases to evaluate the past contribution made by different investigators done so far. This will not just help me to learn about the research method but also help in understanding the ethical and moral concerns of the research. I am also going to help my pupil learn English as per the approach they would want to take in the semester instead of putting my own chosen research criteria (Altrichter).

The research will be of great significance for my teaching practice because I will be able to understand the psyche of a student when he enrolls in a course. This will help me to teach students that they need to set goals instead of following the bandwagon. The factor of following the trend shall be removed with the help of my research. At the moment, it is important for the students to prioritize activities and preferences.

Works Cited

Altrichter, H. Teachers Investigate Their Work: An Introduction to the Methods of Action Research. New York: Routledge, 1993.

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