A & P II #3

Summary – Analysis Question 3
Answer the Bonus Analysis Questions in your own words. 
Do Not use Wikipedia as a reference since this is not referred and therefore unreliable. 
Failure to adhere to the guidelines below will affect your grade for the question.
-Be sure that you do your own work – no collaboration is allowed.
– Do not cut and paste answers.
-Do not use direct quotations.
– You must cite a reference to receive full credit.
– For an online source, send a link that would allow me to search your reference. The link need to be the specific website used. For example,   https://www.webmd.com/stroke/guide/stroke-symptoms-types, not only www.webmd.com .
– For a book reference, include the title, author, edition, and page number.
– Length of answer is not as important as directly and completely answering the question. However, one or two sentences will not provide enough information for a complete response.
– If you do not receive full credit an explanation will be left in the message box.
– 0% means no points were awarded for your response.

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A & P II #3
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