A Material Benefit of Donating Organs.

Provide a 6 pages analysis while answering the following question: A Material Benefit of Donating Organs. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide. An abstract is required. Organ donation affects many people and is a grave concern that they have to deal with. &nbsp.Many people need heart and kidney transplants in order to live. &nbsp.Dr. Braden Manns, Professor of Nephrology at the University of Canada said that the number of patients undergoing dialysis is more than the supply of organs available. &nbsp.They are conducting surveys, as a result, to determine how to motivate organ donations.

An “opt-in” organ donation program, which, based on a survey differs from a European model, was used in America. &nbsp.In Europe, there were better results from an “opt-out” donation program in which relatives of a person, who opted not to donate, can still donate when he dies since he has no physical control over his body after death. &nbsp.Conversely in the “opt-out” program, possible donors can donate their organs if they expressly told the medical professionals that they want to donate their organs and help those patients who need organ transplants. &nbsp.

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A Material Benefit of Donating Organs.
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While there are people willing to risk it all to help other needy people the moral implications are that generally, most people are not willing to risk their lives to donate organs without compensation. &nbsp.Additionally, since money is involved it will more often be viewed as selling organs even with the term “incentive” being used.

For the bereaved family, the morality of accepting cash for donating their loved one’s organs is a personal issue for them to determine. &nbsp.Medical professionals can help by highlighting the benefits of organ donation to sick people and the heroic deed of extending the life of a patient.

This two-day meeting according to host, Rob Stien addressed the improvement of guidelines, including organ donation after cardiac death and the increasing need by patients for organs. &nbsp.Dr. Stuart Youngner, the United Network for Organ Sharing stated that people involved&nbsp.in taking care of a donor patient, must NOT be the same people who handle organ procurement and this guideline has always existed since the beginning of organ transplants.

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