A Comparative Study of Phrasal Verbs

In his context two articles from the portion of Opinions of the two newspapers one Pakistani-daily Dawn- and one foreign-Washington Post- are selected Introduction: Learning English language is considered among one of the social and academic compulsory needs. Speakers use language fluently with flexibility receive praises of others. In gaining command over English there are some essential areas like background Information of deferent genres and situations where It Is used, proper understanding of grammatical rules, vocabulary and so on.
The proper use of adjectives, verbs, adverbs, stress pattern, intonations and phrasal verbs help one’s engage to make it more fluent and flexible, more accurate and conversational. Phrasal verbs make the communication, both verbal and written, interaction based. The fluent speakers of English feel charm in using them. These easy and two-word based verbs cover a bulk of simple as well as difficult vocabulary which requires much time to memories. The new AL learners of English language take pains In learning the difficult words with their meanings.
But they can learn and understand the phrasal verbs in less times with much pleasure which make their speech and as well as their peace of writing more affective and ornamented. Before beginning the study we must know the basics of phrasal verbs. Phrasal Verbs: Phrasal verbs are consisted of a verb followed by a particle (for examples: carry out, find out, or pick up). When these particles are separately used, they have literal meanings which signify location or direction (for examples: out, up, down, over, around, off). However, In phrasal verbs they are commonly used with less literal meanings.

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A Comparative Study of Phrasal Verbs
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