A/b Test analysis


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A/b Test analysis
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AB Test Analysis- Sample

Tasks: (What you need to do)

1)  fill in tables with the data on  Device tab, ad group, gender, age group

2) Do a Chi-square test for one tab only and report the findings

Report on your findings and make attributions as to whether the manipulated factor(s)
affected various metrics.
Write a short report that clearly states the process you followed for your test and the rationale behind it, the findings of your comparisons, and the insights gained (synthesize across your comparisons). 

Use numbers, charts, graphs, figures, etc. as appropriate. You can take data visualizations from Google Ads and YouTube (e.g., using screenshots) and/or create your own using Tableau. It is preferred that you create at least two data visualizations using Tableau, a state which ones were created using Tableau, and (in a note to that image) list the steps you took to create that particular visualization (down to the level of what you clicked in Tableau to create it).

 Papers should include at least four comparatives (i.e., across the two videos, chose one of the tabs) visualizations with explanations, with each visualization being titled and with a note at the bottom explaining the source of the data and/or visualization.  (2 paragraphs)

4) write a 1 paragraph reflection of what you learned

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