A and P: Movie Review

Gallant After watching the film A&P In comparison to the discussion In the classroom, a lot of the topics are current trends and Issues In the 20th century. There can be much discussion about many things in the film. After watching the film however rather than from the reading and discussion in class, I pictured things differently in my own mind. Upon first trying to relate it to the sass’s, I actually thought the film was pretty odder and could be possible in today’s times, depending on a store and its’ management, whether an independently owned little store or a big box grocery store. The main character, Sammy, who displays an 18 or 19 year old male teenagers’ feelings are very much alike as all boys during the adolescence years. John Update himself reported In his Interview of when he was young and married and 29 years of age that he could relate to these types of feelings and fantasy dreams which prompted him to write the story.
I could not envision however In the sass’s of actually seeing any young girls in bathing suits that would be daring enough to walk in a store dressed in such a way. Personally, I do not recall seeing any young teenage girls do this during those times. I did grow up in the sass’s. I recall most young women being more demure and even seeing something such as this might result in a police arrest possibly. Perhaps I am being naive as I was a young child during this period but don’t recall families allowing their young girls to behave in such a way.
Sammy appears to be bold In that time period In my opinion of how he chose to Just quit his Job because he TLD believe the same beliefs as his manager, Mr.. Lange. While growing up In the sissy, many children and adults alike, from what I saw and remember were taught to work hard and success would then follow. Many of the male adult family relatives were away serving in the Navy or Army and those at home, especially the women, had chores at home, like laundry and cooking, were working hard still because they had larger families to feed.

My grandmother who had 13 or 14 hillier had also worked part time in a retail chain called J. J. Newbury. Our family would never have heard of a teenage boy being able to quit his job Just because he didn’t agree with his manager who was his elder. Teenagers growing up in the sass’s whom I was exposed to had to respect their elders and do as adults around them expected and work hard for their families with chores to do along with school work in order to receive allowances from the family In return for the hard work. The Job was Important If a teenager had one to share the wages with their family.
Regarding consumers as a society of pigs, cows, and sheep, and an older woman’s’ attitude compared to a witch that should be burned in Salem was never even a be rebelling to soon becoming an adult in the near future and possibly could be one of these people. He is suppressing some self-discovery and trying to figure out where he fits in a society and perhaps wondering if he belongs working in a grocery store for the rest of his life or if he really should be having fun like the young girls laughing and running about in the store.

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