6 page paper due in 10 hours

A brand new chemical plant that produces Sodium hypochlorite. This chemical is used for making liquid bleach for household cleaning products (e.g. Clorox). The plant will produce 600,000 gallons a week.  The plant will distribute the chemical to manufacturers to make cleaning products for stores/retailers.

You are the consultant that is hired implement a new supply chain system for the chemical plant.

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6 page paper due in 10 hours
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Areas need for development:
• Demand Planning 
• Long-term Sourcing and Network Design 
• Inventory Planning
 • Supply Planning 

You need to provide details for each of the areas above to make this supply chain system.

As the consultant, you need to:
• Research how the product is made
• Research how the product is distributed
• Research how the product is transported
Outside research beyond the book is needed to complete this final.

Parameters of the paper:
• Paper will be no less than 6 pages 
 Paper will have a title page• Paper will have a reference page (Use APA 6th Ed. For references)• You can include graphs and images to help explain you plan 

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