5 pages including the Executive summary page changes for proposal essay

Implementation of the Proposed Change:The topic for the proposed change is: 
Why Racialization of Crime in the United States News Media is Dangerous and should be stopped  (This paper is supposed to tell how and what to do to make the changes go through for the proposed topic)
Below is the proposal paper attached
 Make sure to answer every question and put the Executive Summary after the title page.
Assume adequate resources and funding will be provided to make your changes.  How will you implement your proposal, that is, how would you put it into effect?  Include all changes required to put your proposal into effect. 
 For example, do laws need to be changed, new government agencies set up etc.?  Provide specific details.
What problems might occur in making your proposed changes?  
How would you overcome them?
What unintended consequences might result from implementing your proposed changes? 
 Which are positive and which are negative? 
 How can the negative unintended consequences be overcome? 
 If they can’t be overcome why are they worth accepting to create your proposed changes?
Last persuasive words on the proposal, implementation, and benefits.
Note:  Make sure you  address adequately and completely the above.  
Proof to be sure that you have completely responded to the implementation concerns and questions.   
Title page: 
Project Topic 
Your Name
FOR:  Dr. Bakhitah Abdul-Ra’uf
CRJU 495-01
Date due
Executive Summary
The executive summary consists of bulleted single-spaced paragraphs that provide brief information on each aspect of your project.  The executive summary allows someone to read this one page and learn in brief about the entire project.  The poster criteria above compose the aspects of your project.  An executive summary is limited to one-page maximum, has the title executive summary at the top of the page, and is placed immediately after the title page.
Bibliography-include all published sources but not individual interview information.

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5 pages including the Executive summary page changes for proposal essay
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