381 transportation Logistics Management

Please respond to both students separately with a minimum of 100 words each.

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381 transportation Logistics Management
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Using the reading material from week three, please give your description of hazmat. Describe the state you currently reside and describe some materials that are indicative of your state and their related information. Are there any special handling or emergency considerations to speak of?  

Student responses:


After this weeks reading, hazmat to me can be in any solid, liquid or gas substance that could be harmful to the environment and to human life.
Living in California, we have various regulations for what is considered a hazardous material.  We have propositions that indicate when and where people are exposed to any such substance.  We have the toughest laws for smog emissions on vehicles and production plants. 
For emergency considerations in California, the regulations defer to the ERG.  For special handling according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles, the regulations are what is also stated in the ERG.
Hazmat is like anything else, the regulations are only as good as those who properly use these materials.  It only takes one person or one company to spoil it for everyone else.  California already has had issues with natural gas storage along with a certain chemical being added to a refinery plant.
I think that within the state of California there are too many materials to name.  This has to do with California state Proposition 65.
Even though at the federal level, the transportation is mandated by the Department of Transportation, at the state level this boils down the the local highway patrol, the DMV and any other regulation that the state has.  To me it seems that within the world of hazmat it can be very complicated for anyone person even with the proper training to oversee.  Hazmat I think has to be held to each individual that is responsible for the chemicals and any other substance that could be harmful to anyone and/or anything.

Of course when you mention the word hazmat, you can depict the words hazmat materials from it and it covers a whole lot of important stuff. In the book it mentions and gives definitions of different types of hazardous materials that can eventually poses public health issues and threats when it becomes hazardous waste. There is hazardous waste everywhere that people really don’t think about too much. The common house hold one is garbage. Most of the time we dump stuff in the dumpster not realizing some of the stuff we are dumping can harm the environment. 
I live in Virginia and I found this company in the capital of Richmond named ECOFLO that deals with industrial cleaning products, hazardous waste management, and special waste disposal services. ECOFLO uses both macro-encapsulation and micro-encapsulation technologies to handle cleanup and disposal needs. They have other services that they handle and is considered the east coast’s leader in hazmat material disposal and handling. 
I think the general public definitely needs more training and awareness of hazardous materials management and handling. Without the effort I don’t think there will be much change.

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