Your paper should include:
A thesis statement that outlines your main argument. This should be included in yourintroduction, following a general identification of the topic you will be discussing.
A series of claims that support your argument. You may use quantitative evidence (e.g.statistics) and/or qualitative evidence (e.g. specific examples, case studies, etc.) to supportyour position. Ensure that the sources you rely on to back up your claims are authoritative.
As you discuss your claims, also describe the counter-arguments to your position (i.e.the arguments that you are refuting). It should be clear in your paper that you have considered a range of perspectives on the issue.
An evaluation of possible solutions and suggested courses of action. This should include a discussion of activists, grassroots groups, governmental bodies, or international organizations working on the issue. You may also recommend the formation of a new group or a reorientation of the activities of an existing group as you see fit. (NOTE: This is an important component of the paper and should not be overlooked!)

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