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The Interpretative Journal Entries are comprised of two types of paragraphs: (Paragraph 1) an overview of the respective biblical book in a paragraph & (Paragraph 2) a critical compare/contrast paragraph between that respective book and another. The purpose of this project is to demonstrate a working critical knowledge of each writing and an awareness of some of the major interpretative issues and differences between them. As well as equip students with their own self-prepared “cliff notes” on the gospels as a resource after the class is complete.
Each entry is a critical and descriptive 1-page journal entry on one of the 9 writings covered in our online class this semester. Each entry will include two items: (1) A brief descriptive and evaluative paragraph of the book, (2) a paragraph that compares and contrasts that writing to another. The contrast options will be stated on the Guidelines and Rubric form.  
Elements of Descriptive Paragraph (Paragraph 1): Each descriptive paragraph should provide an informed perspective of the respective book. Basic information about the (i.e., authorship, date, historical and pastoral setting of recipients, literary purpose of writing, etc.) book is provided as needed to support the specific idea, issue, or perspective being offered in the paragraph about the book. In other words, all relevant historical and literary details should be pertinent to your main topical idea for the paragraph. Each paragraph should strive to describe one of the composition’s core messages, or issues, or features in your own words (do not write what Powell, your New Interpreter’s Bible Notes, or any other source say) and then support it with details from the composition by providing at least one key passage in the book related to that core message, issue, or feature. The last sentence of the paragraph should be a strong paragraph concluding sentence that identifies one theme, idea or concept that could be used for future preaching or teaching (with possibly a brief example).
Elements of Compare/Contrast Paragraph (Paragraph 2): Each compare/contrast paragraph should state a similarity and/or difference between the primary book of the descriptive paragraph and another writing. It should discuss in what way or ways those two writings are similar and or different and conclude by critically reflecting on its significance. Don’t just state the obvious. This paragraph should reflect critical comprehension and engagement of some of the differences and similarities between the writings. 
The comparison/contrast options are below:
For the Purpose of This assignment we will Use Philemon  as the primary text and we will use Philemon and 1st Peter as the compare and contrast.   NO PLAGIARISM and only use Scholarly sources

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1 Page Paper Single space P&1P
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